***WE HAVE MOVED TO A NEW WEBSITE. You will be automatically redirected to our new location in 5 seconds.

We have spent the good portion of the past five years establishing ourselves here at blogger -- and we've had a great time doing it. Our users, views, and interest has increased dramatically over the past few years, and we've been excited to move forward in developing our website and organization. With that said, meteorology organizations are ahead of the pack technologically, and we were beginning to feel a bit constrained at a ".blogspot.com" address.

Today, we are announcing our move to our own web domain and a completely re-built website at www.nymetroweather.com. We have spent a long time thinking over our options, and have invested in the development of our new website. The overall format of the website will remain the same, with the same products available. However, the new look and added functionality will open up an entirely new word for commenting, messaging, and interaction. In addition, you will now be able to register as a member and get access to some more technical and staff-specific products, as well as interact with our staff directly. Our products (yes, even the member-only ones) will remain free.

We'd like to thank blogger for their help and support over the past few years. They have offered us a terrific amount of help and a wonderful system. This website will remain active for the next few months -- with this blog post as a headline. However, all future updates will be posted on the new web address.

We invite you to come join us as we continue our mission as an organization, and we hope you are as excited as we are about the new look and website!

Click here to view the new website (don't forget to bookmark it!) 

- New York Metro Weather's Staff